Various Types of Employee Benefits Plans

1. Life Insurance- This type of insurance is extremely important as it will help protect your family in case you die in the future. Your family will receive a predefined sum of money almost immediately on your death. There is no better way of ensuring that your family is safe even when you're not around is there?


2. Disability Insurance- This type of insurance helps protect you and your family from running out of money in case your are involved in an accident which leaves you permanently injured or unable to work. This is usually offered to employees that work in a dangerous environment and may not be offered to a desk worker.

3. Medical Insurance- This usually covers all types of medical fees like doctor's fees, prescription medication fees, hospital room fees, etc. There are even some medical insurance which cover optics and dentistry as well. Some companies may even allow you to include your family in this plan.

Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Medical Insurance

Did you know there was more than one type of employee benefit in California? That's right and it is very important for you to understand each of these different types of benefits so that you can make sure that you receive the benefits which you should be receiving. Benefits are basically perks which you are offered over and above your salary. This is usually done in order to help entice you to join a particular organization. As far as the various types of Taylor benefits insurance are concerned, here are a few common ones which you should definitely be aware of:

Paid Time Off
Retirement Benefits
Fringe Benefits

4. Paid Time Off- In order to keep working at optimum capacity, every employee needs a break. This is where paid leave comes in. While some companies may require you to work in order to earn such leaves, others will probably offer them to you along with your job offer itself. This benefit includes sick leave as well.


5. Retirement Benefits- This is probably the most important of all these benefits since it is the only thing which will be able to help you after retirement. Not every person will be able to prepare for his/her retirement just the way he/she wanted. Therefore, you need to make sure that proper retirement benefits are in place as far an organization is concerned before thinking of taking up a job there. This might not be too important if you don't plan to work there for too long though.


6. Fringe Benefits- There are basically various non-cash payments made to employees which may not always be included in benefit plans. The best way to find out about such benefits is to ask your employer. Some common fringe benefits include child care benefits, flexible medicals, tuition assistance, etc.

So now that you know the various benefits you are entitled to as an employee it will be a lot easier for you to go over a job offer before accepting it. If you find anything out of place it is recommended that you speak with your prospective employer before making any decisions.